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00:01:40Wendigogoafter ". ./ swift" bitbake still use old defconfig and sources ... :(
00:23:58WendigogoOK, it seems the "+" sign messed up things. :|
00:47:37Wendigogoarf, I got issue with fetching now ...
01:07:24ParkerRWendigogo, I agree with you lol. Sound and things are nice plus WiFi lets you get notifications even if not near the phone (plus faster download speeds for updates and such) LTE/GPS I dont see much use for in a watch
01:08:09WendigogoFinally building now. But I need some rest. Let see tomorrow if everything goes right.
01:08:38WendigogoParkerR: I think too use to my Pebble Time
01:08:57Wendigogos/think/think I'm
01:30:28WendigogoSo build is finished. I'll it try tomorrow. Have a good night/day/whatever. ;)
02:51:05diguanaIs there anywhere on the website that explains what "sensors" means in the compatibility chart?
03:03:37diguanaOr if it's not on the website, can someone just tell me what it means?
03:38:34emacsomancerI've got asteroid installed on a bass, but whenever I reboot it goes back to recovery (even though I did the permanent install rather than the temporary one)
04:08:34emacsomancerdiguana: I believe "sensors" means things like wrist-movement and so on. I don't think anything makes use of it yet, even for those watches where it's 'green'.
05:39:28diguanaemacsomancer: Thanks. I saw a good deal on an Asus Zenwatch 2 and I was thinking of getting one to replace my Pebble Time. Good to know that I'll be able to put an open source OS on it and keep the important functionality. (Vi is better, by the way.)
05:50:10emacsoma`diguana: Despite what the page says, I couldn't Bluetooth to work on the Zenwatch2.
05:50:58emacsoma`Just got a LG W150 ("bass") today since that seems to be the current main development platform.
05:51:15emacsoma`(Emacs subsumes Vi in eVil mode.)
07:28:26kidodiguana: vi is included in asteroid ;)
07:29:02kidosensors means things like compass or accelerometer. but in the end no watch supports that and asteroid doesn't use those sensors
07:30:22kidoemacsoma`: mhhh your reboot to recovery on bass is very surprising, I can't reproduce this behavior. does ir only happen from the UI or also from a reboot via ssh?
07:32:24kidoemacsoma`: the problem with zw2 is that it actually covers two different models: Wren and Sparrow. their kernels are pretty much the same. the Wren maintainer got BT working but the Sparrow maintainer doesn't have time for asteroid anymore and never really ported the Wren work on Sparrow
07:32:53kidoactually, it shouldn't be that hard to adapt the Wren patch on Sparrow but someone has to do it
10:31:47WendigogoHello world!
10:32:40WendigogoHow can I push modules-swift.tgz to the swift? Modules are not included in asteroid-image-swift.ext4 file.
10:33:08WendigogoOr how can I add these modules to the ext4 (I can rebuild asteroid-image if needed).
10:53:21r0kk3rzWendigogo: scp?
11:02:29WendigogoI mount -o loop the ext4 file and added modules directly in it. So now I have them in my root but still have issue
11:03:03Wendigogo# insmod /lib/modules/3.18.24/kernel/drivers/staging/prima/wlan.ko
11:03:03Wendigogoinsmod: ERROR: could not insert module /lib/modules/3.18.24/kernel/drivers/staging/prima/wlan.ko: No such device
11:03:26Wendigogofirst I have to set the full module path and then this error
11:03:51Wendigogoloading hci_smd module works (full full path too)
11:04:32Wendigogo# insmod /lib/modules/3.18.24/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/hci_smd.ko
11:04:46Wendigogo# lsmod
11:04:46WendigogoModule Size Used by
11:04:46Wendigogohci_smd 14607 0
11:05:42Wendigogopoke anYc (and kido). ^☼_^
11:10:12WendigogoI'm using defconfig from anYc github : (days old)
11:14:02Wendigogothe "swift_asteroidos_msm8909w-perf_defconfig" of course
11:16:21anYcyou have to execute the echo to wcnss_wlan before you can load the module
11:16:52anYcalso load the hci_smd module afterwards
11:17:18anYcafter hci_smd is loaded, execute the echo command to the /sys path
11:19:45anYcI don't know for sure but I guess that the wcnss sets up the channels to the wifi&bt submodules and only afterwards the drivers for the submoduls can be loaded
11:19:55WendigogoI only did echo -n "" > /dev/wcnss_ctrl (from your pastbin)
11:20:09Wendigogoit is echo -n "" > /dev/wcnss_wlan ???
11:20:13anYcoh, use wcnss_wlan please
11:20:38anYcc&p error then
11:21:24Wendigogo" wlan: driver loaded" => YEAH !::
11:22:20Wendigogo[ 1634.576648] hcismd_set_enable 0
11:22:20Wendigogo[ 1634.580272] Bluetooth: c0fb3cc0Bluetooth: c0fb3cb8
11:22:20Wendigogo[ 1634.584134] Bluetooth: d337de88
11:24:03Wendigogomy smartphone didn't found the swift (from BT settings). Trying with AsteroidOS Sync-0.7
11:25:15Wendigogonothing, upgrading to 0.8
11:28:12Wendigogostill nothing. And my modules are unused. :/
11:28:22WendigogoModule Size Used by
11:28:22Wendigogohci_smd 14607 0
11:28:22Wendigogowlan 4225888 0
11:28:57anYcwhat does hciconfig say?
11:29:23anYcthe "used by" only shows inter-module dependencies
11:29:30WendigogoI rebooted my swift to start from a clean state
11:29:45anYcok, hciconfig should show a device similar to ifconfig
11:30:50anYcwe go to lunch soon, I'll be back in 20 min or so
11:31:38WendigogoI'll go soon too. ;)
11:33:52anYckido: fyi, I quickly tried it with another mobile and 0.7 pairs the device (with the pin) and shows the menu (with wrong battery status) and 0.8 cannot connect. so, it seems to depend on the mobile too. the mobile from yesterday doesn't not connect with either version. Will send you the log this evening (if I manage to retrieve it)
11:36:56Wendigogohere is the hciconfig output :
11:37:33Wendigogokido: but smartwatch should appearr in smartphone bluetooth settings right?
12:02:20anYchm, I only checked if it appears in the aos sync app
12:02:28anYcthe output looks good
13:37:48kidoanYc: thank you
13:37:53kidoalso, why did you use a separate module?
14:16:07anYckido: for some reason, one needs to echo "" > /dev/wcnss_wlan before the module can find its hardware. I guess that the echo initializes the comm channels to the hardware.
14:18:50r0kk3rzyeah some kind of initialisation bug perhaps
15:54:04WendigogoBack in town! (cf. :p )
15:54:55WendigogoSo I'm still unable to see my swift : from my smartphone (BT settings or AsteroidOS Sync app v.07 or v0.8) or from my laptop ... :(
15:55:46Wendigogohciconfig shows still a "UP RUNNING" line. I don't know what I have done wrong or what I have to do now.
15:56:28WendigogoIt's a temporary installation
16:08:43WendigogoI may have done something wrong when adding modules in ext4 file. Each time I reboot AsteroidOS I have to set everything again (language, time, date etc.) and got the AsteroidOS presentation
16:09:21WendigogoPreviously, I set it at first time and everything was good on next boot.
16:10:11WendigogoAlso, screen shut off really fast and I have to use button to wake it (touchscreen is working good but is unable to wake the swift up).
16:12:29WendigogoI had "chown root:root" all files when I copy modules on ext4 file mounted loop as "/lib/modules" was owned by my user. Issue should probably come from that point.
16:27:46anYchm, after hciconfig was there, it worked for me. I experimented with some commands in bluetoothctl (pairable on and discoverable on) but I guess that would be set by the BT app in the watch as well
16:29:58anYcalthough, sometimes I had to press "pair" twice or more or I had to restart bluetooth on the mobile after I tried different things
16:37:53WendigogoanYc: I'm not able to discover anything (no pairing requirement). Just rebuild everything and taking care of ownership before pushing system on my swift.
16:53:28anYcdoes hciconfig show "down" (or similar) if you disable the BT button?
16:54:52emacsomancerkido: re: issue on bass - I haven't been able to get ssh over usb to work so far. but the reboot to recovery issue also happens if I do a "adb reboot bootloader" reboot or if I do it from the asteroidos ui. while in twrp (say, if I try to reboot from twrp) it tells me "are you sure? no OS is installed."
17:11:27WendigogoanYc: yep, hciconfig shows "DOWN" when BT is disabled on swift and "UP RUNNING" when enabled
17:11:46emacsomancerkido: re: zw2 - I'm mildly interested, but doubt I have the requisite skills (I know little of BT or Java, and don't get along very well with systemd)