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12:34:44AsteroidBot[AsteroidOSSync] jrtberlin created comment on Issue #101 Find Alternative to SweetBlue
17:05:26rhysperry111Hi, is it possible to unlock the bootloader if I can only ADB over WIFI?
17:05:39kidono it isn't
17:06:35rhysperry111I have a Fossil sport which only has the power pins externally. I guess this means that data pins will be inside the watch
17:07:56kidomost likely indeed :/
17:08:10kidoand it's hard to figure out which is which
17:10:42kidojrtberlin is often around if you want to chat with him about this
17:10:49kidoah, jrt_ber
17:17:08verin0xjrt_ber and me are the same person
17:17:47rhysperry111It probably won't help, but will Fossil tell you the pinout?
17:30:06verin0xrhysperry111 nope fossil won't tell you the pinout
17:31:03kidoverin0x: errr, where is my mind, long week...
17:32:26verin0xno worries. btw I found a possible replacement for sweetblue
19:30:01kidoverin0x: yeah I saw the comment briefly today that’s amazing! :D