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01:06:56AsteroidBot[AsteroidOSSync] weblate pushed 2 commit(s) to master:
01:06:57AsteroidBotMarcos Gimenez: Translated using Weblate (Catalan) (
01:06:58AsteroidBotSergi: Translated using Weblate (Catalan) (
06:31:00shokartathis looks good :D
14:03:56HunterebAll the tech driving it is hidden under the sleeve lol
14:04:38kidoI think this is more fun
14:04:57kidobut asteroid couldn't run on those things anyway
18:42:17FenaerHey. I'm receiving a TicWatch Pro tomorrow, just wondering if there is any pre-existing work to port AsteroidOS to it? If not, I'm willing to try it, however I'm not really familiar with the process
18:56:50kidohi Fenaer
18:57:00kidono there hasn't been any work done on this watch yet
18:57:09kidobut we can help you with that :)
18:58:09Fenaer@kido, Thanks! Would be appreciated. I've just been spending the last half hour trying to find the kernel sources for it. Do you know where to look?
18:58:34kidoyou'll need to find the codename of your watch
18:58:47FenaerI believe it's catfish
18:58:57kidothis can usually be found in dmesg or logcat using adb on wearos
18:59:26FenaerI'll double-check tomorrow
18:59:29kidoI assume it's a mediatek kernel
18:59:44kidoapparently it hasn't been released yet
19:01:47kidoseems to be it then
19:03:13FenaerWas about to say, it's a Qualcomm SoC so I'd be surprised if it was a mediatek kernel
19:04:29FenaerRight, I'll pop back on tomorrow and see what I can do with the thing. Thanks!
19:08:10shokartado you have some sort of guess how many people uses asteroidos?
19:49:13kernlingwould you be ok with this as well?
20:02:36r0kk3rzkernling: i expect so, but wait for kido to take a look
20:02:47r0kk3rzi assume this is mostly just another package to be built?
20:04:00kidokernling: thanks for asking, really appreciated ;)
20:04:11kidoit is fine for us as well
20:04:18kernlingkido, no worries, thanks for the reply!
20:05:15kernlingr0kk3rz, the goal is to split everything that needs to be built with an android manifest separate from everything that's built into a deb or rpm, etc. directly
20:06:01r0kk3rzsounds like a good idea