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00:07:19kidoKorak: yeah, usualy screenshottool crashes asteroid-launcher. this is one more shitty bug :)
00:35:02kidobencord0, anYc: what was the libhybris branch you used again? I believe this one should be the one to try
01:06:39Korakkido: any suggestion on making screenshots for watch faces?
01:07:23KorakI was thinking I might go through and make 12 hour versions of the digital ones and turn them in so they can be added
01:07:46Korakbut without screenshots for the menu they would be a pain to select the one you want
01:08:11kidoas far as I can remember, the problem vanished as soon as I installed asteroid-launcher's debugging symbols and this is the reason why I've never managed to debug this
01:12:06Koraklol, you seem to have that happen alot. Your debugging makes the bugs run away.