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09:21:22PureTryOut[m]2Hey that solved it 🎉
09:21:28PureTryOut[m]2Well, the language list that is
09:21:40*PureTryOut[m]2uploaded an image: (52KiB) < >
09:22:04PureTryOut[m]2For some reason it still mentions "ID-LANGUAGE-PAGE" rather than whatever it's supposed to see
09:22:25*PureTryOut[m]2uploaded an image: (57KiB) < >
09:22:28PureTryOut[m]2This is now translated though
09:29:33PureTryOut[m]2Btw, would you guys be willing to accept a PR to move asteroid-launcher (and possibly more relevant components) to CMake?
11:53:02PureTryOut[m]2Actually I'm just going ahead and port some parts to CMake. If anything it'll improve my CMake skills, and in the long run anything is better than QMake since even Qt is moving away from it with Qt6
11:53:16AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] PureTryOut created fork
11:53:35PureTryOut[m]2Oh a bot which announces forks 🤔 Interesting
12:31:22MagneFirePureTryOut[m]2: Awesome! I think the reason for the ID-LANGUAGE-PAGE is bc a default locale might be missing. See and
12:31:43PureTryOut[m]2Ah yes it probably is, I never set one currently and I noticed you guys did through systemd
12:34:16MagneFireAs for the PR, I think having different build systems might make it hard to maintain (qmake vs cmake). But given that Qt6 is moving away from qmake (like you said) it might be worth to look into this. kido, what's your opinion on this?
12:34:53PureTryOut[m]2I can help out here btw, wouldn't mind slowly moving everything over
12:37:08MagneFireWhy do you need cmake now btw?
12:44:30PureTryOut[m]2I don't necessarily, I just way prefer it over QMake and it's good to move away since Qt is slowly deprecating it. Also, I have some time left over currently 😜
12:44:53PureTryOut[m]2Although it seems the QMake based build of qml-asteroid fails to install the QML files for me, so maybe it helps with that as well
12:46:47kidoMagneFire: I share your opinion that changing build systems for the sake of it wouldn’t make much sense. but if qmake is getting deprecated then yeah switching to cmake would probably make sense
12:47:12kidoalthough I find qmake 2500 times easier to read than cmake but well
12:47:15PureTryOut[m]2Qt6 itself is built with CMake now where Qt5 was built with QMake still
12:47:20PureTryOut[m]2You do? I think you're the first lol
12:47:39PureTryOut[m]2Anyways there is no haste that's for sure, QMake is still there in Qt6 as well
12:51:17AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] PureTryOut opened Pull Request #14 Port to CMake (cmake -> master):
12:51:29PureTryOut[m]2We can let that sit till later if you guys want ☝️
12:52:09AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] PureTryOut synchronized Pull Request #14 Port to CMake (cmake -> master):
12:57:40PureTryOut[m]2Btw in Qemu with a mouse, how are you supposed to drag the homescreen to one of the sides btw? I see the indicators on the edges moving as if I'm swiping, but it's hard to actually move to a different page
12:58:19jrtIt's a bit better with -device usb-tablet instead of usb-mouse
12:58:31jrtin the scrollviews you can use the scroll wheel
12:59:10PureTryOut[m]2-device usb-tablet would be something I pass to `/usr/bin/asteroid-launcher` right?
12:59:46jrtno to qemu
13:00:03jrtBut I think I confused the discussion with another one
13:00:04PureTryOut[m]2Oh... In this case it's not that easy to switch those options annoyingly enough
13:00:25jrtyou could try that tho
13:01:38PureTryOut[m]2Oh actually that's a lie, I can switch to tablet quite easy. Will try in a sec
13:03:41PureTryOut[m]2Hmm same behaviour sadly. Not impossible to swipe to any page, but really hard
13:03:51AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] jrtberlin created comment on Issue #14 Port to CMake
13:03:55AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] jrtberlin requested review for Pull Request #14 Port to CMake (cmake -> master): MagneFire
13:03:58AsteroidBot[qml-asteroid] jrtberlin assigned Pull Request #14 Port to CMake (cmake -> master): MagneFire
13:05:55jrtPureTryOut[m]2 yeah I noticed that too. I think it will bet better with the new launcher styles by MagneFire since you see more icons at once. We should probably enable gesture emulation with arrow keys or something like that.
13:06:24PureTryOut[m]2Yeah emulation with arrow keys would be nice and solve it
13:06:34PureTryOut[m]2So I tried compiling some asteroid applications, starting with -settings but am having trouble doing so. For some reason it fails to find `QtQml`, `QQuickView` and `dbus/dbus.h`, even though these _are_ installed and available
13:08:32MagneFirewrt the swipes, this is from the home screen to any other side right? This is unrelated to the launcher styles
13:09:50PureTryOut[m]2For my compilation issue, seems the .pro file forgets to link to quick and qml. Adding that solves the Qt issues, but not the dbus issue
13:13:45AsteroidBot[asteroid-settings] PureTryOut created fork
13:13:55PureTryOut[m]2Ha found the problem, linking to pkgconfig packages is never enabled in the .pro file
13:14:22MagneFireEh, settings is one of the more complicated apps ;)
13:27:42PureTryOut[m]2Uh yeah I can't get this to find glib now, I might just port this to CMake next
13:28:00PureTryOut[m]2Sorry, I can't get mce to find glib
13:35:01PureTryOut[m]2Ok fixed that. But now ouch, I found a GNUism that prevents mce from being compiled on Musl systems (which postmarketOS/Alpine Linux) is... 😢 Not sure how to solve that one
13:35:39PureTryOut[m]2Does anyone know if the use of `RTLD_DEEPBIND` in `mce-hybris.c:331` is required?
13:39:52MagneFireI don't think it's used
13:42:51MagneFireIt's enabled in the makefile, but I don't see a mce-plugin-libhybris used by any recipe
13:55:20PureTryOut[m]2Well not sure how clean this is, but I worked around the GNUisms. Will PR in a bit
13:55:31PureTryOut[m]2Why is a fork of mce used rather than upstreams btw?
13:56:09MagneFireIll test your PRs in the coming days :) Thanks
13:56:25MagneFireWe use a fork for mainly two reasons: tap-to-wake and always-on-display support
13:56:36PureTryOut[m]2Can't those be upstreamed?
13:56:45MagneFireAnd tilt-to-wake too
13:59:33AsteroidBot[mce] PureTryOut created fork
14:04:07AsteroidBot[mce] PureTryOut opened Pull Request #10 Fix build with Musl libc (musl -> master):
14:04:58PureTryOut[m]2Oh that's a big PR
14:05:08PureTryOut[m]2Well upstream needs this change as well, so I'll submit this PR there as well
14:06:04PureTryOut[m]2Uhm, never mind, it seems I'm not allowed to fork the upstream project...
14:13:21PureTryOut[m]2So I noticed this on more asteroid applications, it fails to actually find `asteroidapp.h`. For some reason all applications try to include it as `<asteroidapp.h>` while afaik it should be `<asteroidapp/asteroidapp.h>`
14:16:26PureTryOut[m]2`main.cpp:23:10: fatal error: asteroidapp.h: No such file or directory`
14:16:46MagneFireI think that's bc asteroid apps depend on asteroidapp, which includes that path:
14:18:02PureTryOut[m]2Then why wouldn't it be able to find it in my case? `/usr/lib/` is available, but the header as `/usr/include/asteroidapp/asteroidapp.h`