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00:27:12eLtMosen[m]<JosefDittrychPep> "ADB it can be seen but fasboot..." <- That is a hint for a USB3 problem. When adb works but fastboot not. Try a USB2 port. If you computer does nothave any. A USB 2 Hub will work whe connected to USB3. Many USBC hubs/docks alos only have usb2 ports. All those work.
00:29:38JosefDittrychPepI'll leave Windows to my wife, I got it with Android using the application Bugjaeger 4.0 full 😁
00:30:23*JosefDittrychPepuploaded an image: (12KiB) < >
00:30:48*JosefDittrychPepuploaded an image: (299KiB) < >
00:31:17eLtMosen[m]Wow, greta idea!!
00:31:20dodoradio[m]JosefDittrychPep: that's quite the setup - but now we know that, if the world ends, you can flash asteroid from an android phone
00:31:28eLtMosen[m] * Wow, great idea!!
00:33:08dodoradio[m]ayu is still spinning trying to format itself
00:33:14dodoradio[m]I have no idea what the hell is going on in there
00:33:30dodoradio[m]I didn't even back up the casio apps for docgalaxyblock :(
00:33:56JosefDittrychPepeLtMosen[m]: Thanks, I'll try the watch faces now 🤣
00:35:29eLtMosen[m]dodoradio[m]: Yes, a scene in Mad Max where one of the protagonists flashes his watch from an other phoney guy that drives on a close-by desert vehicle only connected by the length of the usb cable while being shot at comes to mind.
00:36:03JosefDittrychPep* Thanks, I'll try the watch faces now 🤣
00:36:03JosefDittrychPepNapadlo mě to že android je taky Linux nebo není?
00:36:08DocGalaxyBlock[mdodoradio[m]: do you have a mmc dump?
00:36:15dodoradio[m]DocGalaxyBlock[m: no I do not
00:36:23dodoradio[m]but I haven't actually done any damage
00:36:34dodoradio[m]I have unlocked the bootloader and wiped userdata
00:36:47eLtMosen[m]DocGalaxyBlock[m: Thats the plot of season one of Dodo riding Ayu
00:37:24dodoradio[m]we can't get an mmc dump because it looks like `fastboot boot [image]` doesn't work on this clown machine
00:37:46eLtMosen[m]and the ramdisk trick?
00:38:05dodoradio[m]eLtMosen[m]: the ramdisk trick is reliant on `fastboot boot` working
00:38:23JosefDittrychPep* Thanks, I'll try the watch faces now 🤣
00:38:23JosefDittrychPepIt occurred to me that android is also Linux or not?
00:38:24DocGalaxyBlock[mdodoradio[m]: so there is no way back to the stock boot partition?
00:38:39dodoradio[m]DocGalaxyBlock[m: stock boot partition is still there
00:38:41dodoradio[m]nothing was changed with that
00:39:22dodoradio[m]I'm hoping it will eventually go back to normal, hoping that it's just the exynos 3250 at its worst
00:39:59DocGalaxyBlock[mso can you boot into wear or not?
00:40:43dodoradio[m]<dodoradio[m]> "I formatted userdata and am..." <- it's trying to boot into wear but it's still spinning the 4 dots around the screen since this message was sent
00:41:16DocGalaxyBlock[mif you also formated cache it will take a wile
00:41:41dodoradio[m]DocGalaxyBlock[m: oh! I didn't do that
00:41:50dodoradio[m]I might need to
00:58:42dodoradio[m]I have, once again, wiped userdata and also cache this time
00:58:45dodoradio[m]I hope this works
00:59:54DocGalaxyBlock[m<dodoradio[m]> "we can't get an mmc dump because..." <- I tried today this too on `sparrow` but asteroid did not temp booted
00:59:54DocGalaxyBlock[mbut the debug ramdisk has worked so maybe I should try it again tomorrow
01:00:54dodoradio[m]> <> I tried today this too on `sparrow` but asteroid did not temp booted
01:00:54dodoradio[m]> but the debug ramdisk has worked so maybe I should try it again tomorrow
01:00:54dodoradio[m]huh? so ``fastboot boot [image]`` failed but ``fastboot boot [image] --cmdline debug-ramdisk`` worked? wtf?
01:02:03dodoradio[m]or is that not what you're saying DocGalaxyBlock
01:07:27DocGalaxyBlock[m<dodoradio[m]> "> <> I..." <- year that is true so I guess something is of with my files or so
01:07:27DocGalaxyBlock[msince `debug-ramdisk` works + `adb pull /dev/mmcblk0`
01:07:46dodoradio[m]> <> year that is true so I guess something is of with my files or so
01:07:46dodoradio[m]> since `debug-ramdisk` works + `adb pull /dev/mmcblk0`
01:07:47dodoradio[m]maybe it's a quirk of that bootloader
01:08:13dodoradio[m]I guess we can just find that in the bootloader source, but it's gonna be kinda hard
01:15:10dodoradio[m]would it be intelligent to use something like to avoid my d-bus issues with the sports tracker?
01:16:05dodoradio[m]if I go with this I would probably leave some things out on the d-bus for fun
01:36:44beroset[m]I'd say probably not. So many bugs that I have personally encountered in the last few months have been due to errors and regressions in Qt.
01:37:28beroset[m]I'd suggest a more portable and reliable method would be either using sockets or named pipes.
01:38:20beroset[m]The nice thing about named pipes is that once they are set up, you can read and write them just like a file, so no unique Qt stuff is required.
01:41:05beroset[m]Sockets are a little more work, but not too unusual.
01:42:07beroset[m]And again, I'd strongly advocate working through whatever D-Bus issues you might be having as the best ultimate fix.