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00:02:07eLtMosen[m]<MagneFire[m]> "Hmm, okay. I'll have to check if..." <- No, the bed is perfectly even. I checked with a caliper. But my bed heating is not perfecly distrubuted. where the cables attach to the bed, it got a 2x4cm cooler spot where i lost prints already that warped up. I just avoid that sport now.
00:06:21eLtMosen[m]<MagneFire[m]> "Hehe, welcome to the wonderful..." <- OH NOOO. That damn fre sample filament was not on a roll and tangelt itself up. Got knoted. The extruder stopped. And the model got printed in mid air wirhout filament while i was in the bathroom 🤣
00:11:26eLtMosen[m]Too bad i am out of white now. Its going to become a black deer now over night until i get new white :P
00:13:46MagneFire[m]eLtMosen[m]: I like the black filament more tbh. It tends to highlight the shape better due to the, generally, more glossy nature of it. But maybe I was using the wrong white filament 🤷
00:17:31eLtMosen[m]The plan was to spray them in some gold or silver anyway 😁
03:16:21*piyac[m]uploaded an image: (301KiB) < >
03:16:23piyac[m]damn so it looks like the backup crashed 😥
03:18:18*piyac[m]uploaded an image: (250KiB) < >
03:18:46*piyac[m]uploaded an image: (112KiB) < >
03:35:09piyac[m]I'm guessing maybe the VM went into some sort of power saving mode and ADB crashed as a result?
03:45:01piyac[m]allocated more resources to the VM and trying again hopefully speeds up the process and it is successful this time 🤞
03:55:46piyac[m]crashed again updating packages
09:21:05DocGalaxyBlock[m<eLtMosen[m]> "And thanks for confirming the VM..." <- Also to MagneFire
09:21:05DocGalaxyBlock[mIn addition to that I thought of trying to port every device to the ubports installer
09:21:05DocGalaxyBlock[mon linux the only prerequirements are apt adb and fastboot
09:21:05DocGalaxyBlock[mafter that we should have a nice UI for "clicky colorful (ger: klicky bunti) users"
09:22:13DocGalaxyBlock[m<eLtMosen[m]> "And to entertain you with a "Why..." <- You are using the wrong Slicer 😝
09:22:13DocGalaxyBlock[mJust use PrusaSlicer their Linux ports work like a charm
10:18:48MagneFire[m]<piyac[m]> "I'm guessing maybe the VM went..." <- That's definitely possible yes.
10:19:36MagneFire[m]> <> Also to MagneFire... (full message at <>)
10:19:57MagneFire[m]> <> You are using the wrong Slicer 😝
10:19:57MagneFire[m]> Just use PrusaSlicer their Linux ports work like a charm
10:19:57MagneFire[m]Nah, Cura is the best slicer ;)
15:08:22dodoradio[m]<MagneFire[m]> "> <> You..." <- please avoid talking about divisive politics in this chat
15:10:11eLtMosen[m]Yeah, we have barely evaded the emacs vs vim wars 😅
15:36:03MagneFire[m]<eLtMosen[m]> "Yeah, we have barely evaded..." <- How about we start a new one. NeoVim vs Nano ;)
15:36:26beroset[m]Or gvim vs. both.
15:38:09beroset[m]The important thing, I've learned over years on the internet, is to make the "discussion" as nasty and contentious as possible, insulting all participants and avoiding any hint of factual basis or fair-minded evaluation.
15:38:52dodoradio[m]gvim is bad because it means you need a colour monitor on your system. Not everyone can afford those!
15:39:28dodoradio[m]but vim is bad because I can't use it, as the colon key on my computer is broken
15:39:51beroset[m]Good, good. My turn: bipolar transistors are the best, and anyone who uses MOSFETs instead is just intellectually weak.
15:39:54eLtMosen[m]No exit for you
15:40:10beroset[m]There's always ZZ.
15:41:25eLtMosen[m]Personally, i look down on all the non zsh plebs.
15:42:53eLtMosen[m]Also, Vista and Me where underrated Windows versions.
15:43:37MagneFire[m]eLtMosen[m]: I'm sorry, I still stand by `fish`. It has one feature that `zsh` doesn't have: Context aware suggestions
15:46:11dodoradio[m]MagneFire[m]: I use fish shell when I know that my system won't be compatible with anything anyway
15:47:05beroset[m]I think you might enjoy OS/2.
15:47:34eLtMosen[m]Nah, i can't move to fish. for sentimental professional reasons. But OS/2 was great.
15:48:19dodoradio[m]beroset[m]: Os/2 was dead long before I was born. I'll have to pass on that obe.
15:48:25dodoradio[m]* Os/2 was dead long before I was born. I'll have to pass on that one.
15:48:35eLtMosen[m]It was dubbed "OS halbe" (OS half) in germany. But i liked it
15:48:54beroset[m]2022 update: it's still dead.
15:49:41beroset[m]I think I still have the two-dozen installation floppies for it somewhere.
15:50:42eLtMosen[m]A curious analogy is, OS/2 did never start off, rumored due to the windows support making natives app redundand and developement not priority.
15:50:42eLtMosen[m]Jolla on the other hand... WAIT.