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04:15:31geofftearle[m]> <> with starship, on a sailfish phone, does it install asteroidsyncservice to /usr/bin when you install the application?... (full message at
09:12:33MagneFire[m]> <> On SailfishOS the asteroidsyncserviced is installed to /usr/bin, but the binary is called harbour-asteroidsyncserviced.
09:12:33MagneFire[m]> I'm supprised that Starfish would start at all on desktop linux as I think its dynamically linked against the SailfishOS UI libs
09:12:33MagneFire[m]On desktop I think the target was set to Ubuntu touch. Which could explain why it 'works' there.
09:16:06geofftearle[m]Ah, fair enough!
09:20:48dodoradio[m]> <> On SailfishOS the asteroidsyncserviced is installed to /usr/bin, but the binary is called harbour-asteroidsyncserviced.
09:20:48dodoradio[m]> I'm supprised that Starfish would start at all on desktop linux as I think its dynamically linked against the SailfishOS UI libs
09:20:48dodoradio[m]Yeah i'm going around and removing and replacing deps where I can see them
09:25:13geofftearle[m]> <> > <> On SailfishOS the asteroidsyncserviced is installed to /usr/bin, but the binary is called harbour-asteroidsyncserviced.... (full message at
09:26:53geofftearle[m]you might also need to run `systemctl --user daemon-reload` to make systemd aware of the new file though
09:27:28dodoradio[m]geofftearle[m]: So i did do that
09:27:48dodoradio[m]I might try to point it at the place where I built it instead
09:28:10dodoradio[m]Though I will need to check this over a bit later today as I am currently on the move
09:32:26dodoradio[m]Oh i was putting it etc/systemd which is probably the root of that problem
09:37:15geofftearle[m]Starship attempts to start the sync service as a user service so your probably right
09:37:40geofftearle[m]On Sailfish the service file is installed to /usr/lib/systemd/user/
10:57:39dodoradio[m]looks like I finally managed to get the service to start as a user service but now it just doesn't see the service at all, as at the beginning
10:57:41*dodoradio[m]uploaded an image: (53KiB) < >
10:58:06dodoradio[m]thankfully it prints the error 4 times so I have no chance of missing it
10:58:52dodoradio[m]and the pages error seems to be a bit of qml that I need to rewrite
11:01:18dodoradio[m]I'm gonna deal with this all later because currently the service is just confusimg me
11:20:06dodoradio[m]* to rewrite (seems to be a silica thing)
11:29:06eLtMosen[m]Welp, i am only getting an instant seg fault after trying to setup qtcreator with the SDK, then selecting the Asteroid Kit...... (full message at
11:33:42eLtMosen[m]I read now about some `qtbase5-dev` package but can not find taht in my eopkg
11:36:39eLtMosen[m]Ok, i had `qt5-base-devel` already.
11:47:30eLtMosen[m]Ok, i followed the instruction and set c & c++ compilers to <none> in Kit settings. -> segfault.
11:47:30eLtMosen[m]But it works(at least lets me select the kit) when i set the compilers to
11:47:35*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (52KiB) < >
11:47:53eLtMosen[m]Is that incorrect in the insturctions or will my builds now fail?
11:52:04LittleFoxeLtMosen[m], do you have a quick link to the instructions for me?
11:58:27LittleFoxdid you source that file before launching qtcreator via the same command line? as in the first snippet under "Configure QtCreator for cross compilation"?
11:58:54LittleFoxI'd guess that would configure PATH to include the asteroid toolchain, making the configs in qt creator correct as cmake would then use the compilers from PATH
11:59:09LittleFoxor at least that probably is what is intended with that
11:59:38eLtMosen[m]yes, multiple times. Actually everytime before issuing the qtcreator command.
11:59:38eLtMosen[m]But i should clarify i am not on debian but SolusOS.
12:02:52LittleFoxafter sourcing that, can you paste the output of `echo $PATH` and maybe even `env` somewhere? (careful with `env`, might include personal info - strip that)
12:04:53eLtMosen[m]echo $PATH
12:06:13LittleFoxdefinitely expands path a lot, ok
12:06:45LittleFox`for c in gcc g++ cmake make; do command -v $c; done` ?
12:08:33LittleFoxah it sets CC, CXX and co - cmake should pick them up
12:08:49eLtMosen[m]➜ _SDK `for c in gcc g++ cmake make; do command -v $c; done`
12:08:50eLtMosen[m]/usr/bin/ld: cannot use executable file '/usr/bin/g++' as input to a link
12:08:50eLtMosen[m]collect2: Fehler: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurück
12:08:50eLtMosen[m]➜ _SDK
12:09:22LittleFoxhuh - what shell do you use? :D
12:09:34LittleFoxanyway, that command isn't that useful anymore x)
12:09:53eLtMosen[m]zsh with oh-my
12:10:26LittleFoxah - maybe zsh doesn't like my sh syntax
12:10:55eLtMosen[m]Or i should not bug you with my noob setup and try in a container?
12:11:26LittleFoxno worries about bugging me :)
12:11:33LittleFoxas long as I have ideas to help, I'll help
12:11:58LittleFoxyou gave a screenshot with configured compilers - can you give one with everything on that page on it, the compilers set to none?
12:12:41LittleFox(I might need some minutes between answers though, trying to help is the "waiting for tests to complete" task rn x) )
12:13:41eLtMosen[m]The curious thing is, i can not set both compilers to <none> in one go.
12:13:42eLtMosen[m]When i select none for C. It gets toggeld back to previous setting when i set C++ to non.
12:13:42eLtMosen[m]I need to set C to none. Then apply and can the set C++ to none also without C toggling back.
12:14:38LittleFoxcurious indeed
12:15:27eLtMosen[m]Ok, can not recreate that. Now i can set both to non in one go.
12:15:27eLtMosen[m]Above observation was when initially setting up.
12:17:22*eLtMosen[m]uploaded a video: (507KiB) < >
12:17:26eLtMosen[m]hah, replicated
12:17:46LittleFoxI love computers.
12:18:12eLtMosen[m]That does not happen when the compilers in my above screenshot where set.
12:18:19LittleFoxsadly debugging Qt Creator is completely out of my currently loaded skillset, asteroid is already barely loaded into brain again x)
12:21:01eLtMosen[m]GOT it! That happens when *noob* accidentally toggles the qt version from <none> to some version. I think then a compiler is expected or sth?
12:21:48*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (221KiB) < >
12:21:49eLtMosen[m]Looks like so now
12:21:53LittleFoxa Qt version is always bound to a compiler iirc
12:22:08LittleFoxnice you found it :)
12:22:26LittleFoxnow if I just can find the error in my work code... heisenbug, only fails in CI it seem
12:22:45eLtMosen[m]Whats your quality?
12:22:46eLtMosen[m]Nice, well call you back.
12:22:46eLtMosen[m]I'll wait.
12:23:20LittleFoxnow running test suite with --until-it-fails - too bad it's integration tests and I'm flooding our API now
12:26:55*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (275KiB) < >
12:27:21eLtMosen[m]No segfault anymore. But those errors when assigning the asteroid Kit to the project.
12:28:58eLtMosen[m]From general Messages
12:30:00LittleFoxit's telling some runtime packages not being found
12:30:15LittleFoxoh goth, I really don't remember a lot about asteroid anymore
12:30:24LittleFoxsorry, no idea rn
12:30:48LittleFoxmeaning, I'd have to look at it directly and don't have the time rn
12:31:31eLtMosen[m]Np at all! Just wanted to get my butt up and see if i can get the sdk running :P
12:31:31eLtMosen[m]Moving to other things. Thanks for the help!
12:32:06LittleFoxpinging jrt and MagneFire[m] MagneFire, because they most probably have a clue ^^
12:33:01eLtMosen[m]I know :P But really, it is not a pressing issue.
12:33:56LittleFoxmight not be for you, but others might not ask so we need working docs ^^
14:11:13MagneFire[m]What are you trying to compile?
14:12:02MagneFire[m]`asteroid-settings` or `asteroid-launcher`?
14:14:17MagneFire[m]bc I don't think you can compile `asteroid-launcher` using the sdk.