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06:33:45DawserdoosCan AsteroidOS run on the Raspberry Pi?
06:41:55DawserdoosPotentially? Will there be problems? I can see a few problems, however I am unsure on what will happen if I flash, first of all is it compatible with ARM processors? Does it have 'universal drivers?' Will it be able to use HDMI, Video Ribbon, or GPIO video output? What kind of sound does it support, is there any GPIO support at all? Can I import my
06:41:55Dawserdoos own GPIO input?
06:46:41r0kk3rzimages are device specific so one will have to be made for the rpi
06:52:38DawserdoosOh, what would happen if I tried flashing an ARM capable image to an SD and ran it on a Pi?
06:53:14DawserdoosI know there would be errors due to incompatible hardware, however would you atleast get video?
06:54:18DawserdoosPlus because it is a Linux port, in theory you should be able to atleast do button swapping with OS code swapping.
06:56:17r0kk3rzbecause asteroid is typically run on android wear devices i really wouldnt advise flashing anything other than an image built for the rpi
06:57:57r0kk3rzi dont think it should be too hard to make one, there would be layers for rpi already
07:08:17DawserdoosAh, ok.
07:08:27DawserdoosThank you!