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00:02:56*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (130KiB) < >
00:05:47*beroset[m]uploaded a video: (13564KiB) < >
00:06:18beroset[m]That's what I have so far. I'll still have to add watchface selection and persist the settings, but it's getting there.
00:06:55beroset[m]And of course the translations are all missing, even for English.
00:07:27beroset[m]The range for the delay is 0 to 30 seconds. That seems plenty to me.
00:21:03eLtMosen[m]I could imagine Thoreau suggest to remove the ion-icon chargin symbol 😅 One could argue the information is redundand since the whole state of night-stand-mode is the charging indicator. And visually imo it adds a lot of weight to the otherwise slim and minimalistic appearance.
00:43:23beroset[m]I have a different reason for wanting it there and wanting it large. It only appears when the charger is actually connected, and my `sturgeon` charger is increasingly unreliable on first try.
00:43:43beroset[m]Second, if it's 3AM, I don't want to have find my glasses.
00:44:26beroset[m]And I can't read without them any more.
00:45:25beroset[m]That's also why it doesn't show a percentage. I wouldn't be able to read it anyway!
00:46:08beroset[m]That's just me, though, which is why I think we're going to want a number of different options for that use of watchface.
00:46:18eLtMosen[m]beroset[m]: Ah, you mean random disconnects, where the watch has some contact, starts the night-stand-mode, but then looses contact but does not leave night-stand mode before the delay ends. i see.
00:46:29beroset[m]Yes, exactly.
00:46:51beroset[m]Or, I forget to take off the watch and only think of it at 3AM.
00:46:57eLtMosen[m]See, position tested, fought for, defended, and agreed upon :D
00:48:51beroset[m]Now I need to figure out how to actually make the settings effective to implement fully. I'm going to try some experiments.
00:50:25eLtMosen[m]there likely is a better way than to store them in dconf values, right?
00:51:49beroset[m]Maybe not. I may very well use dconf for this. I was meaning more that I need to also write the code that implements the desired behavior.
00:52:38beroset[m]I think I know how to do it, but I'm not certain I'm right, so I'll do some experiments to verify my understanding.
00:55:11eLtMosen[m]Quite marvelous seeing you progress so quickly on he matter 🤩
00:56:28beroset[m]When I have some time away from work, I get a lot done.
00:57:27dodoradio[m]> <> Ok, trying to sort this and understand, this would mean:... (full message at
00:57:38dodoradio[m]we just need to add some good comments in the template watchface
00:58:15dodoradio[m]the less case-specific code in asteroid-launcher, the better IMO
01:00:04dodoradio[m]and adding a special case just for watchfaces that don't have the nightstand feature implemented doesn't seem like a good idea (of course, if it was a launcher feature, compatibility will be better by default, but that adds crap that you then have to disable once you reimplement it yourself, instead of being able to replace it outright)
01:01:32eLtMosen[m]Thanks for elaborating
01:04:50eLtMosen[m]No really, i did not get it. Sounds good. But since i am unable to implement such anyway, @beroset and MagneFire might be the actual discussion partner 😅
01:11:23beroset[m]When I get a working prototype, it will be easier to try it out and poke holes in it.
01:11:40beroset[m]And/or suggest alternatives and improvements.
01:12:56beroset[m]As soon as I get something plausible, I'll submit a PR so everyone can try it out and see and improve the code.
08:14:30MagneFire[m]<dodoradio[m]> "> <> Ok, trying..." <- You are suggesting a similar strategy as what we do with the AOD mode right? Using `displayAmbient`, but then something specific for nightstand mode. `displayNightStand`?
08:14:31MagneFire[m]We would provide an implementation for it in every stock watchface, and potentially a simple template version in the unofficial watchfaces. There would be no special logic to provide a standard/stock charging watchface.
08:14:31MagneFire[m]I think this would be a good approach as we keep the changes required everywhere much smaller. Making it easier to implement it (probably).