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00:08:38eLtMosen[m]beroset: Having played with your loader.qml timeslider now a bit. First of all, Wow, thank you, great start off again. But otho, what where you thinking 😂... (full message at
00:08:42*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (520KiB) < >
00:09:24*eLtMosen[m]posted a file: (7KiB) < >
00:10:01eLtMosen[m]Oh, yeah, and i could not resist and set the standard time to LEET 13:37
00:10:32beroset[m]My design was "the time setting slider for people who don't care what time it is". :)
00:10:44beroset[m]I'm glad you improved it!
00:12:12eLtMosen[m]Another thing i found awkward is the heavy jpg compression QT(?) does for the saved screenshots. It is super grainy. Can that be adjusted?
00:12:12beroset[m]Right now, I'm working on refactoring the `sporty-round-v2` because it makes extensive use of the 2d canvas stuff.
00:12:35beroset[m]Hmm. Probably can be.
00:15:01eLtMosen[m]Since you seem master of "works for me"® UX. Can we please have accelerometer based controls for almost everything to fullfill this meme?
00:15:22*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (2230KiB) <*MMDphOGx_jetXb0RhBnRIw.gif >
00:16:18beroset[m]eLtMosen[m]: I just checked and the answer appears to be "no."
00:16:52*eLtMosen[m]uploaded an image: (96KiB) < >
00:18:17eLtMosen[m]I am in aww how you manage to ninja those findings in seconds 😲
00:19:41beroset[m]It's a single call with not many parameters:
00:20:51eLtMosen[m]:P stackoverflow FTW
00:20:51eLtMosen[m]`auto screenshot = quick_item->grabToImage();
00:20:51eLtMosen[m]auto image = screenshot->image();
00:20:51eLtMosen[m]"/somepath/filename.jpeg", nullptr, 80);`
00:21:11eLtMosen[m]the 80 should be compression according to "some post"
00:22:21eLtMosen[m]Ugh, how do i direct link to a stackoverflow comment... anyway
01:10:34beroset[m]That looks promising, but it's the C++ interface. That's not available from QML as far as I can tell.
01:11:36eLtMosen[m]Above answer leads in with:
01:11:36eLtMosen[m]`You can't do that directly from QQuickItemGrabResult, you have to use QImage::save() for that `
01:17:46beroset[m]Right, but that's the C++ `QImage`. The corresponding QML `QImage` does not appear to have that same capability. If somebody can show me otherwise, I'd be happy to incorporate it.