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00:48:18coderobemmh, that should be it
00:50:21coderobethe others should be fine
01:14:48rippynice coderobe ! some of those i was having to turn on for my docker+k8s shenanigans
01:16:57coderoberippy: yeah, these patches should make everything a lot more like on a normal non-android linux device
01:17:19coderobei haven't actually tested them on anything beyond the bass, but i don't see why it would cause issues
02:22:46coderobei find it rather odd that the default wallpaper selection doesn't contain any simple shapes beyond the default thing, not even a plain black background
02:24:27coderobemost of them seem way too high-detail for the small screens they're supposed to run on
02:37:15rippyi really like the starry one
03:01:44iDanooYeah they're all quite nice
03:02:41coderobeit's a watch, not a picture frame
09:21:29kidocoderobe: mmhhhh... each of those patch should be tested. from my experience, it wouldn't always work as easily as it'd seem :)
09:21:45kidoI can test tetra
09:22:02kidoif bass is tested, it can be merged
10:36:24eLtMosencoderobe, as all wallpapers need to be CC0 or CC-BY it is very hard to find anything else than photos. The few "artworks/shapes" i found during 1 week of collecting and then testing every single one with all watchfaces left non of them because they where all giving bad contrast.
10:37:46iDanooI think the current ones look great
10:38:25eLtMosenIt always is possible to improve, and i concour, simple ones are underrepresented
10:38:54eLtMosenBut from my pov it was a matter of availability
10:39:30eLtMosenI harvested all of Pexels, Pixabay and Flickr
10:43:40eLtMosenThat only to explain the current selection.
10:48:30eLtMosenI completely share your view on flatmesh, coderobe. It would be awesome to have more of the Flashmesh style animated wallpapers. But frankly, i am just starting to learn how to do and have a simply low-poly landscape in the works.
11:07:19kidosounds great ! :D
11:09:14eLtMosenKido, on full black background, whats your opinion? i never asked but my personal opinion is that with offering full black wallpaper, we loose much of the differentiation to the "competitors". Though many users are asking for it...
11:09:43kidoI don't want one installed by default
11:10:16kidobut this is literally five lines of QML to put in a directory
11:11:39eLtMosenI am fully devided on this one. I feel as strong as opening the box of pandora because 80% of users would simply choose black and all differentiation is gone. on the other hand, black can look quite cool :D
11:13:07eLtMosenHas the taste of forcing ones taste on other people tho ;)
11:28:41moonghostHello friends !
11:29:00moonghosti'll buy an old lg gwatch today
11:29:18moonghostvery impatient to install asteroidos :-)
11:42:06moonghosti'm particulary impatient to connect on the wath in ssh :-)
12:27:46nwfOn dory, the flash instructions pave the 'boot' (22M) and 'userdata' (3108M) partitions; are the 'system' (256M) and 'cache' (ditto) partitions free for reuse, too?
12:29:40achaseniDanoo: you mentioned you were getting a delay on the dory as well. Any consistency/pattern?
12:30:40achasenI am not familiar with the internals enough to know what to log or poke to find out what is going on. Anyone have any pointers for debugging no (or delayed) wakeup with long press?
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12:55:51coderobekido: ah alright, bass is tested and can be merged. leave the other PRs open and maybe add a label 'needs testing' or something, so that people with those watches can try and report in the pr comments
12:56:54coderobekido: why are you against a black background?
12:57:52coderobeI feel like you shouldnt dictate the aesthetic your users pick - it doesnt have to be default, but a switch to turn off wallpapers is the sort of thing i'd expect to see
12:58:38coderobeI mean, advanced users can obviously add their own, and i have, but thats really odd.
12:59:26coderobeit was the first thing i looked for after installing asteroid, fwiw
13:21:28achasenany pointers to where the timeout/sleep/wake code is? asteroid-launcher does not appear to be aware of wakeup/sleep. I found some references in lipstick and some of the android repos. Is it something I can monitor by monitoring d-bus?
15:05:30kidonwf: yep, both of those partitions are unused, so you can mount them and fill them with whatever you'd like to. I have never tried to repartition the memory but maybe this is possible
15:06:25nwfkido: Thanks!
15:16:20kidoeLtMosen, coderobe: I don't think I have "dictated" the aesthetic of the project so far. actually, most of the current UI has been proposed by designers and all of the backgrounds have been voted by the community. I don't think my voice is worth more than the others so if a plain black background is often requested, I'd merge it. that being said, it has never been requested before today and I do have my
15:16:22kidoopinion on this matter. I used to have a black background, back in the days, and it'd always feel like the UI was only half-done which would leave a very unprofessionnal impression. now again, if you think I'm doing a bad job at managing the design of this project (which would be a totally valid concern given that I'm nowhere near a designer) that kind of question is always open to discussion, and if it's
15:16:24kidopopular, I'll try to act in the most reasonable way and include it by default
15:16:44moonghostHello all ! i need help !
15:16:57moonghosti've installed asteroidos on my lg g watch
15:17:02kidoachasen: it's handled by mce. I think the module is named "tklock"
15:17:04kidohi moonghost
15:17:13moonghostand right now i'd like to reinstall the original soft/firm ware
15:17:38kidogo back to bootloader mode and flash back an image you can usually find on xda or something like that
15:18:06kidoyou can enter bootloader mode if you use reboot bootloader over ssh, or if you reboot your watch and swipe the screen from top left to bottom right when the LG logo appears
15:18:53moonghost@kido go back to bootloader how ? adb not responding :-(
15:19:17moonghost(ok i've read all your text, doing a test)
15:19:58moonghost(i don't know how to reboot with this os :-)
15:22:06moonghost@kido the installation was easy, but the "uninstallation" seems to be difficult
15:22:27kidogo to settings -> reboot
15:24:52moonghosthum ... i'm an asteroidos noob ... can't find "settings" lol
15:29:17moonghost(damn ! got settings !)
15:34:43moonghosti've found a v9.8 "LG G Watch Restore Tools" that i'm testing
15:34:47moonghostfinger crossed
15:37:41moonghost(the problem was the bluetooth wasn't working, i'll try a new time at home tonight)
15:37:50moonghostmany thanks @kido
15:44:04eLtMosenkido, stop lowering yourself! This is a discussion about black wallpaper, nor your taste or (great!) maintainer qualities are in question.
15:46:00kidoeLtMosen: I'm not. I'm just answering coderobe's statement on "dictating the aesthetic", no big deal :)
15:46:23eLtMosenIt is an interesting matter tho
15:46:50coderobeoh, that was specifically RE "I don't want one installed by default"
15:47:06eLtMosengot it
15:47:43coderobei believe an additional "plain color" menu might be nice to have
15:49:20coderobeeLtMosen: you also said '80% of users would simply choose black and all differentiation is gone' - i don't see how this would be a bad thing though? if 80% of people are indeed looking for a black background, restricting it to those who know how to add it themself on account of general aesthetic *is* dictating
15:50:08coderobeespecially considering it wouldn't have to (or should) be the default - but you shouldn't be opposed to the general idea because people would use it and you're not a fan personally
15:50:29eLtMosenright, i am not, only i want to save the user from combining a not single color optimized UI
15:50:59coderobe"save" the user from voluntarily changing their looks, because you think it doesn't fit
15:51:18eLtMosenno, because the UI is not ready to shine on single color background imho
15:51:57eLtMosenbut yeah, personal taste for sure
15:52:01coderobeexactly, 'in your opinion'
16:23:05eLtMosento clarify, if you come up with a nice solution for setting up and maybe selecting uni color backgrounds in settings, i will have a deep look into how the overall ui would have to be adapted to still look as super awesome as it does now!
16:25:36coderobei don't think the ui has to be adapted.
16:25:56coderobethe background isn't used beyond the watchface & app drawer anyways
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