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00:33:08SolracThats kinda good tho! Though.... how can I incorporate it?
00:33:20SolracSorry I forgot to press send
00:43:14SolracShould a simple patch do it?
00:43:43kidowhat are you trying to do?
00:50:18SolracRight now I'm runnning the initial process to get into poriting; trying a first build with docker. _But_ I intend to port it to the Ticwatch E2, I've the kernel from where you suggested it the other day, but according to the tree, it's pie. But I am uncertain if my watch is running pie at the time. So I wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue; hence
00:50:18Solrac I asked if it was supported, and if a patch would be good enough
02:11:27SolracI'm sorry I kinda froze and just rebooted a moment earlier. Did I miss anything?
08:47:24kidosolrac: no I went to sleep :)
08:47:59kidoyou can know your Android version in wearos system settings
08:48:16kidoor if you extract /system you can probably find that in build.prop
08:49:30kidoyou can specify Libhybris ‘s base commit here
09:33:55solracmorning. And Well turns out my watch is on Pie :V Lucky Me, I get to try to port to pie
09:37:15solracWait, but the commit you comented earlier was hybris, not libhybris. or are they the same?
09:37:39solracNevermind I just noticed it was a title, not the repo name.
09:44:06solracIf adb pull /system fails, does this mean I need to root?
10:55:47solracGot /system from a TWRP backup so that's done. :v However now I'm having issues cloning AOSP, it says it can't find the remote ref
10:59:43solracwell, for android-9.0.0_rXX anyways
11:03:59solracrunning the procedure as instructed by the README-system-dir of mooneye, there's plenty of 404s
11:35:40solracThis is because it's looking for android source in github.