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00:11:00MagneFire[m]No, it works on sturgeon too. Basically all watches that had palm to sleep support when WearOS was installed.
02:15:46maximiliangaedigAh yeah, just tested it on my ticwatch e, it's working
11:57:56maximiliangaedigI have a problem with bitbake, i added "iproute2 wpa-supplicant connman-client", and in the buildt image, there is no connman, what am i doing wrong?
13:01:43MagneFire[m]You shouldn't have to append those, it should be preinstalled as the machine config file already has WLAN enabled:
13:21:22MagneFire[m]bolgrov: Care to test a new version for sawfish?
13:21:22MagneFire[m]It this version is completely based on oreo, I've noticed that it appears to run much smoother
13:21:38maximiliangaedig<MagneFire[m]> "You shouldn't have to append..." <- well it isn't, i looked into the ext4 image and it is not present in bin nor sbin
13:23:52MagneFire[m]Eh, `connman` or `connmanctl`? Just checked in /usr/bin/ and there is a `connmanctl` there.
13:24:39*maximiliangaediguploaded an image: (149KiB) < >
13:24:58maximiliangaedigMagneFire[m]: in the latest nightly?
13:26:00maximiliangaedigwierd i haven't changed anything in the build process
13:26:18MagneFire[m]This was the nightly sawfish build, let me check the nightly mooneye built specifically
13:27:21MagneFire[m]Yep, there exists a `/usr/bin/connmanctl` on mooneye too
13:28:59MagneFire[m]Also, note the `usr` in the path
13:29:35maximiliangaedigah, aren't they just symlinks?
13:31:27maximiliangaedigah ok thanks
13:36:23maximiliangaedigand btw is usb on the ticwatch working for you?
13:36:51MagneFire[m]I don't own a ticwatch... Working fine on all my other watches tho
13:37:19maximiliangaedigfor me it shows up as a linux file gadget or smth like that
13:37:35MagneFire[m]Only sawfish has an USB issue where only ADB mode works, Developer mode is broken on that one
13:37:43maximiliangaedig* like that (that can't do anyhting)
13:38:09MagneFire[m]You could try to enable persistent logging and try to get USB logs from the watch that way
13:38:34maximiliangaedigbut how if i cannot pull anything off the watch
13:38:44maximiliangaedigor maybe with the mediatek tool
13:39:03MagneFire[m]Can you not get into WearOS anymore?
13:39:12MagneFire[m]Does fastboot exist for it?
13:39:29maximiliangaedigMagneFire[m]: ah yeah you're right i could do the temporary install
13:39:50MagneFire[m]And then just pull the ext4 image and anaylyze that
13:39:56maximiliangaedighaven't thought about that
13:39:59MagneFire[m]Or check if usb works in debug mode
13:40:49MagneFire[m]Additionally, you could try and enable WiFi via that mode too and try to check USB logs via WiFi and SSH
13:41:19MagneFire[m]Might be helpful for you:
13:42:41maximiliangaedigfastboot -c debug-ramdisk?
13:43:15MagneFire[m]Yes, or `--cmdline` instead of `-c` depending on your version of fastboot
13:43:31MagneFire[m]In my case I use: `fastboot --cmdline debug-ramdisk boot zImage-dtb-sturgeon.fastboot`
13:43:32maximiliangaedigdidn't even know that you can pass cmdline arguments using fastboot
13:46:17*maximiliangaediguploaded an image: (32KiB) < >
13:46:25maximiliangaedigi think i know what i did wrong
13:46:29maximiliangaedigwith the wifi config
13:46:42maximiliangaedigi set it in wpa supplicant
13:46:54maximiliangaedigand did not know connman has it's own config
13:49:00MagneFire[m]Yeah, cool right :)
13:49:00MagneFire[m]It seems to be much easier to setup and also more reliable too (even though it might still be using wpa_supplicant).
13:49:01MagneFire[m]The instructions create essentially the same config file too
13:49:39maximiliangaedigi mean if i have some way to ssh into it should be easy
13:54:00maximiliangaedig<MagneFire[m]> "In my case I use: `fastboot --..." <- definetly getting another device in dmesg, that's a good sign
14:48:17MagneFire[m]<maximiliangaedig> "definetly getting another device..." <- Does ADB work in that mode?
15:17:46maximiliangaedig<MagneFire[m]> "Does ADB work in that mode?" <- Yes :) it works, but it appears that i have some other fs
15:18:52maximiliangaedigBut i see that that's normal
15:23:29maximiliangaedigI had to mount using
15:23:29maximiliangaedig`mount /dev/$sdcard_partition /rfs`
15:23:29maximiliangaedigbecause i have it installed permanently to the userdata partition
15:49:44maximiliangaedigSep 17 12:59:57 mooneye asteroid-launcher[582]: wifi is not available
15:49:44maximiliangaedigmaybe i need to rfkill unblock first
15:52:05maximiliangaedigand the usb issue seems to be with permissions... (full message at
15:52:20maximiliangaedig * and the usb issue seems to be with permissions... (full message at
15:54:10maximiliangaedig * and the usb issue seems to be with permissions... (full message at
15:55:26maximiliangaedig * and the usb issue seems to be with permissions or with that rndins file... (full message at
16:16:08MagneFire[m]> <> and the usb issue seems to be with permissions or with that rndins file... (full message at
16:17:16maximiliangaedig> <> Sep 17 12:59:57 mooneye asteroid-launcher[582]: wifi is not available
16:17:17maximiliangaedig> maybe i need to rfkill unblock first
16:17:17maximiliangaedigrfkill doesn't work either :/
16:17:17maximiliangaedig * rfkill doesn't work either :/
16:17:17maximiliangaedig`Sep 17 13:23:01 mooneye asteroid-launcher[538]: rfkill: /dev/rfkill: No such file or directory`
16:18:24MagneFire[m]Maybe you need to use `connmanctl enable wifi`?
16:18:29maximiliangaedigMagneFire[m]: so maybe if i'd change the driver it would work
16:19:02MagneFire[m]Not sure, kido might know more about that 😉
16:19:17maximiliangaedigMagneFire[m]: I did
16:19:20maximiliangaedigI set up the script with the desktop file
16:19:44maximiliangaedigwith connmanctl but it gives me wifi not available
16:20:27maximiliangaedig * `Sep 17 12:59:57 mooneye asteroid-launcher[582]: wifi is not available`
16:20:27maximiliangaedigmaybe i need to rfkill unblock first
16:20:39maximiliangaedig* me wifi is not available
16:21:41MagneFire[m]Do you have a full log?
16:22:01MagneFire[m]This sounds like the wifi interface isn't even created
16:23:01MagneFire[m]kido: Did you at some point have WiFi working on mooneye?
16:24:14*maximiliangaedigposted a file: user-1000.journal.converted (14KiB) < >
16:30:39maximiliangaedigyou need the system one?
16:31:23MagneFire[m]I'm wondering if the kernel actually creates the proper wifi interfaces
16:31:47*maximiliangaedigposted a file: system.journal.converted (0KiB) < >
16:33:28MagneFire[m]It appears to be missing some lines ;)
16:34:58maximiliangaedigah yeah
16:35:08maximiliangaedigwrong one apperantly
16:38:31*maximiliangaedigposted a file: system.journal.converted (171KiB) < >
16:40:06maximiliangaedig<MagneFire[m]> "Might be helpful for you: https:..." <- `Sep 17 12:59:15 mooneye connmand[360]: Adding service configuration hotspot_wifi`
16:40:06maximiliangaedigthat is my wifi configuration btw that i got from that issue
16:42:24maximiliangaedigApart from that i can't see any references of wifi
17:01:25MagneFire[m]Mmm, yeah, something appears to be missing. Maybe a stock ROM has some clues on how it works
17:04:08MagneFire[m]But still, some stuff is missing from the kernel log...
18:10:38MagneFire[m]Just a heads up there is also a `/vendor/bin/wlan_assistant` in the stock image, maybe you need that too
18:30:49maximiliangaedig<MagneFire[m]> "But still, some stuff is missing..." <- I'll try to get a new one, maybe the start wasn't complete in that one