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00:00:17kidominimec: actually, Nokius started working on the moto360 a while ago but his connector wasn't working as expected so he got another watch then
00:01:31kidoatx: sensors work on dory
00:02:05minimeckido: Hi Hope you had a nice tlak today @foss-north. As stated before, I read the logs files of 2017 of the #channel, so I know you all... ;)
00:03:46minimeckido: I love the design of the moto360, but I never understood that they took the decision with the 'black zone' @ the bottom part og the watch.
00:04:18kidolabelette, SylvieLorxu: I wasn't aware of any vibration problems on dory
00:04:51SylvieLorxuI always left it off on purpose so I never noticed it either
00:05:04minimeckido: I will probably go for a 'dory' or a 'bass', I guess it will be the 'bass'. I also read that you have one too. So maybe there is hope for the sensors and the heartbeat monitor.
00:05:12kido"<labelette> stupid question but my SD is full and when I adb shell to the wath I can see that my sdcard is almost full but I navigate to /sdcard/linux it is empty" <- are you sure you're on android wear while doing so ?
00:08:01kidolabelette: can you open a bug report on asteroid-alarmclock for the qml errors you see ?
00:08:33kidohaving no vibration coming from notifications may be a misconfiguration of ngfd, I'll need to give it a look
00:09:05labelettekido: does the vibration working for you ?
00:09:56kidominimec: thanks, this was a really nice event indeed ! :) I also believe I gave a fairly decent talk this time, hope it will be recorded
00:10:04labelettekido: yep opening it for alarm, I also see an error on time synchronisation complaining about UTC not set because a file was missing but I dont recall
00:10:40kidojust reading today's backlog is a pain so I assume that reading all 2017 logs must have taken some time hehe
00:10:41labelettekido : and btw I confirm that the LG G watch is working much better in term of notification compared to the LG G R, only missing piece is the vibration
00:11:22kidominimec: indeed, I don't own a dory anymore and use my bass daily
00:11:47kidolabelette: yes it does
00:12:59kidolabelette: if I have the same warning in mind, this shouldn't be a real problem, I had a fix for this but it wasn't really useful. I actually thought I pushed it
00:13:27kidodoes it actually prevent time sync from working ?
00:13:48labelettekido: yes it doesnt work for me.. it was working on lenok @ LG G R
00:14:29kidovibrations should be there anyway. my watch was running out of battery during the dinner today and I am 100% sure it vibrated every once in a while to show me the notification
00:14:34minimeckido: By the way. I tried to boot the qemux86 image available on in a VirtualBox. It hangs with a kernel panic... "--[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Invalid configuration from end user prevents continuing"
00:15:05kidominimec: yes you need to use another disk controller
00:15:15minimeckido: Do I need to change some settings of the image I create. I leave anything on default settings and give it 1024MB RAM.
00:15:29kidoI don't remember the exact menu but this was something like this
00:15:32minimeckido: OK. Let me check that...
00:15:59labelettekido: yes I see it as well that it could be anoying as I was out of battery and keeps repeating the alert until I discrad it on my mobile but not an isse unfortunately as vibration is not working
00:16:15labeletteapparently SylvieLorxu confirms it nevers works as well
00:16:47labelettekido : the strange thing is that pushing to the vibration button toggles the vibration and also timer only not working on notification for me
00:18:34kidolabelette: timer and vibration button use qtfeedback while notifications use ngfd. this is the reason why I said it may not be configured correctly
00:19:11labelettekido: ha ok understood! strange it is working for you then :) or not working for me :(
00:21:44labelettekido: I have tried to see if anything was in log but was not able to see it, dont hesitate if I can help
00:21:51minimeckido: I have PIIX3 PIIX4 and ICH6 available as 'Contoller:IDE' But none of them seems to do the trick.
00:22:30kidominimec: what do you have apart from IDE ?
00:25:24minimeckido: I see now. I can add a new one: SATA, SCSI, SAS, Floppy, USB, NVMe are available
00:28:30minimeckido: Ok. SATA does the trick!
00:29:03kidobut don't expect much from this image anyway
00:31:39kidook I need to get some rest, see you
00:31:56minimeckido: Yeah I get the command line and can browse the directories and do some basic bash commands.
00:32:16minimeckido: n8. cu.
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04:17:38ahoneybunkido: ^ I don't mind helping out with channel control either
04:35:29SylvieLorxuchatter29: May I recommend LaVeyan Satanism?
04:43:43ahoneybunthey are gone SylvieLorxu lol
04:44:11SylvieLorxuMatrix fails at that pretty badly still, oh well
09:48:34kidominimec: after a couple of reboots you may have a slight chance of seeing asteroid-launcher in vbox, for some reason
09:49:05kidoyes this chatter guy is really annoying, I wonder if we could have an autokick in AsteroidBot
09:49:11kidowith some of his keywords
09:49:20kidobecause my bans didn't work
10:18:06r0kk3rzauto ban phrase of 'allah is doing'
10:19:51SylvieLorxuOr "hey guys"
10:20:23bshahhey guys
10:21:22bshahkido: not sure, but I suggest banning all the kiwiirc users.. in some of channel it is already banned because kiwiirc is used most of the time for this bot
10:33:40kidobshah: well... kiwiirc is what we use on so I don't think it would be such a good idea in our case hehe
10:34:09kidoi was indeed thinking about what r0kk3rz said
10:34:51r0kk3rzhow was fossnorth kido?
10:38:16kidor0kk3rz: really a great event :) full room, lot of questions, several possible contributors and users etc...
10:38:51kidotoo bad it only lasts one day hehe
10:41:31r0kk3rzdid you see any interesting talks?
10:58:33AsteroidBot[asteroid-alarmclock] 2Belette opened Issue #3 snooze and stop icon are not working when alarm is vibrating:
10:58:51labelettekido: you asked me to open the case, done :)
10:59:21labelettekido: do you want me to open the case for the notification not vibrating btw or do you think it is simple to solve and not deserve an issue on github?
12:19:25kidor0kk3rz: yes, there were definitely some great talks. reproducible builds by debian's project leader, immutable systems with systemd by poettering of open source CPUs by a guy from FOSSi, for example. I also met cybette and james so there was plenty of great things to do there
12:20:20kidolabelette: thank you. and yes I think you can also open a bug report on meta-dory-hybris in case I forget. it may be more general and related to meta-asteroid but I'm not sure yet
12:27:48r0kk3rzkido: immutable systems? interesting, i might have to check it out
13:00:45kidor0kk3rz: yep this is incredible for securing IoT devices for example
13:01:16kidoif someone tries to modify anything, the device will just refuse to work
13:05:24atxkido: How is it different from the "mount squashfs + overlay" approach done by embedded Linux today?
13:06:02*Stskeepswouldn't mind systems w/ DM_VERITY
13:06:13kidosomeone asked, lennart said it was a cleaner solution and I quote his "work is to make future-proof tools"
13:06:30kidoyep that was using dm-verity
13:06:34atxSystems which allow running only signed code get a lot of flak from some people, but they really are a good idea
13:06:49atx(ex: the Hexagon DSP we have in qcom SoCs)
13:07:29atx(though that probably can't store a persistent backdoor, so it is not that important)
13:08:17atxOf course ideally it should have a hardware override, but sometimes that's not really practical
13:09:31r0kk3rzyes theres a balance to be had, between open devices and secure ones
13:11:30Stskeepsstill looking for that android phone with customizable signing keys and AOSP buildable source tree..
13:11:33Stskeepsi think sony got close
13:12:59kidoI was actually wondering if the GPL itself doesn't forbid immutable system ? I'm definitely not a legal expert but I think I heard users should be able to replace the GPL software they are using, is that correct ?
13:13:20r0kk3rzv3 does i think, tivo clause
13:13:45Stskeepskido: if you can format your device and you yourself put the lock on it's less of a problem..
15:39:57dr_gogeta86kido, as far you know dory has otg ?
16:08:49kidodr_gogeta86: I'm not 100% sure but I think it does
16:19:33EACFreddyasteroidbot does not have an autokick feature yet, but I guess I could implement that
16:28:08kidono hurry, it doesn't happen so often :)
16:28:21kidobut that would be useful I guess
16:38:49AsteroidBot[meta-dory-hybris] 2Belette opened Issue #5 Notifications don't vibrate nor listed into notifications screen:
16:38:57labelettekido: done :)