AsteroidOS IRC Logs

Privacy Policy


Log Website: Website that is displaying logs from our IRC Channel at

IRC Channel: Public IRC channel #asteroid at Freenode

Log website

The purpose of this website is documentation of previously experienced problems and solutions in the usage of AsteroidOS.
Every access of this website will be logged in an access logs. These logs contain non-personally-identifying information like your webbrowser's user agent and potentially personally-identifying information, namely IP address and search queries/request arguments. We will not share this information with third parties, except when required to by law. We will not analyse or build personal profiles with this data. Information contained in HTTP requests might be used to fix bugs in the software that is used to run this service or to defend the webserver against cyberattacks.
These logs will be deleted periodically.

IRC channel

Our IRC channel (#asteroid at Freenode) is publicly logged at for the purpose of documentation of problems and solutions for the usage of AsteroidOS. The logged data includes nickname, content and time of any message/IRC event. We do not store or share your IP address. We will not analyse or build personal profiles with this data.
If you shared personal information on our IRC channel and want them removed, contact us (see Contact).